ELECTRONIC MUSIC LESSONS–Ableton Live, Reason, Synth Programming, Sequencing, Garage Band, Logic, Drum Machines, Mixing, Live Performance

If you live in the Portland, Oregon area or Northwest and would like a one-on-one lesson with Solovox, he has been an established ‘guru’ for these programs and techniques for over 10 years.

He has had three separate custom-built classrooms, where he has helped hundreds of beginners and experienced musicians learn these amazing
software tools and join the digital revolution. Now teaching privately one-on-one, he offers very reasonably priced lessons for beginners or advanced students looking to dig deeper in Ableton Live or any aspect of music production.


As an avid user of Ableton Live, he has been involved with the program since it’s beginning in 2002.  He performs with Live and Reason, and uses Cubase in the studio as well.

He can teach synth programming, drum programming, and overall arranging and even music theory and keyboard technique.

Contact him for lessons at


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